Organizing for a Washington for the MANY, not the FEW.

Who we are

We are a group of workers, persons with disabilities, stay-at-home parents, and grassroots activists who want to make bold change happen with urgency. OR-WABC partners with Uphill Media, other Our Revolution groups, and uncorrupted progressive campaigns to change the conversation in American politics and take back our government from corporate special interests... Continue reading.


What We Do

Our Revolution -- Washington Berniecrats Coalition provides the people with a framework to make sure candidates will represent them. We vet, interview, and then endorse candidates, initiatives, and issue-based organizations who represent people, not corporations. We approve only those who accept no corporate money, understand our progressive values, and have demonstrated conviction on behalf of the working families of our country. We are not an organization of half-measure; we demand bold, principled policy from anyone or anything we endorse... Continue reading.


Days Till the Primary in Washington State


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