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“Real change never occurs from the top on down, always from the bottom on up.”

Bernie Sanders

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Vetting of the Candidates

The candidates we suggest are vetted through our candidate questionnaire. We look for 100% alignment with the Sanders platform, if possible. If no candidate is a 100% match we suggest a best match.

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Why We’re Doing This

Our political system has slowly been getting worse, and it’s never been more clear that we need a change than during this election year primary. Blatant corruption, disregard for constituents’ wants, and even disregard for our laws, have made us finally say: Enough is Enough.


Get Involved

In the coming months and years we’ll need volunteers to help get the right candidates into office: those who are committed to representing us and not corporate interests. We’re not going away, but we need your help! Please let us know how you can help us get our government back on track.

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