General Election November 7, 2017 Endorsed Candidates

City Council Positions

Carolyn Ahlgreen

Shoreline City Council

"We have specific transit oriented development associated with the 2 light rail stations being built that we need to adequately and appropriately plan. Our current council approved a development plan that completely diverges from the study based proposal from BAE Urban Economics for reasons unknown to the people who will be most impacted by that very development.
The citizens have been shut out of the process, threatened with arrest, and essentially told their input is not needed, and city council know best.

You do not treat your constituency that way."

"Unless we elect the right people from city council to our state legislature, Shoreline taxpayers are looking at a total of $1500/yr in property taxes."

Krystal Marx

Burien City Council, Position 7

"I believe in a "Burien for ALL", which requires a focus on these three key aspects: equitable community representation, community involvement in crime reduction, and addressing homelessness.

To that end, I believe it is important for Council-members and City Staff to always be aware that some people have to work harder just to experience the things they, themselves, may take for granted (if they can ever experience them at all), and to focus on fostering an environment that addresses concerns related to housing, poverty, and neighborhood revitalization."

Jon Grant

Seattle City Council, Position 8

Over the past decade Jon has been a community leader who has achieved results for progressive causes in our city. His efforts have help expand protections for domestic violence survivors, prevent the displacement of hundreds of low income families, improve health and safety standards in people’s homes, build a powerful community based organization, and raise wages and require paid sick leave for workers.

Pat Murakami

Seattle City Council, Position 9

Seattle can do better.  There is nothing respectful or supportive about allowing people to live in tents and RVs in unsanitary conditions.  We need to provide needed services to the homeless (proper shelter, jobs, drug treatment, and/or mental health resources) rather than sweeping people from place to place.  To make matters worse, the more we tax ourselves to provide affordable housing; the worse the homelessness problem becomes.

Chris Beale

Tacoma City Council, District 5

“I am running for City Council because I care deeply about South Tacoma – As a first generation college graduate, I have dedicated my personal and professional life to public and community service. My track-record demonstrates a dedicated personal ethic to serving and improving the South Tacoma community. I am confident that my experience in the community and local government will allow me to ‘hit-the- ground-running’ in serving South Tacoma.”

Ginger Wireman

Richland City Council, Position 1

"I will put my skills to use representing and mobilizing residents to create a vision that will make Richland the most attractive, people friendly city in the Mid-Columbia.  I’ll seek opportunities to work with diverse groups of people and organizations to chart Richland’s course."

Lindy Verhei

Kennewick City Council, Position 1

"My background is in counseling and education, and that gives me a unique perspective on how I work as your city council member. I care deeply about individuals, and I take time to listen to what the people of Kennewick have to say, so that they are truly represented. I was born here in Kennewick and I’ve lived here most of my life. I love this city and I want to make it even better for future generations."

Anthony Martinelli

Des Moines City Council, Position 1

"As a councilor I would work strenuously to ensure that I’m representing the earnest values and strong-minded opinions of Des Moines residents, and I would do so by maintaining an open line of communication with my constituents (including personally responding to all calls and e-mails)."

Jorge Manzanera

Mount Vernon City Council

As a bilingual mediator and certified interpreter, Mr. Manzanera may be uniquely qualified to bridge gaps within Mount Vernon, bringing more voices together for the benefit of our city.

“I want to listen to the needs of all community members and work for the benefit of all residents.”

Chelsea Rustad

Tumwater City Council Position 5

"I won’t settle for less than the universal justice I know we deserve, and which has already eluded so many, placing a disproportionate burden on the less privileged. I don’t believe in scaling back demands for our basic rights. As your city councilwoman, I will tirelessly advocate for you so that the sick are cared for, the hungry are fed, the homeless are sheltered, the unemployed have work, the underpaid are compensated with a living wage, and everyone is free to live without systemic discrimination."

Port Commissioners

Bill Fishburn

Port of Olympia Commissioner

The Port needs to be open and honest with its public and in its business practices. We need Commissioners who will be ETHICAL.

Thurston County values being INCLUSIVE and embracing a broad perspective of views.

We need a port that is looking toward the future and INNOVATIVE new businesses that ensure a vibrant, healthy economy for our children and their children.

Don Orange

Port of Vancouver Board of Commissioners, District 1

Washington's public ports were created to serve the local community, including small businesses and working people. Our ports work for us by investing in our community and building the local economy. As citizens and taxpayers, we elect commissioners to speak for the community. We, the citizens, the taxpayers, own the Port which means we, the public, should have some say in its activities.

EJ Zita

Olympia Port Commissioner

Elected Olympia Port Commissioner in 2015, Zita works for economic sustainability, environmental stewardship, and community engagement. "We can do better, working together."

Zita is a scientist, farmer, and teacher. She's lived in rural Thurston County since 1995 along with her partner, an Army veteran of 23 years.

Brooks Salazar

Seattle Port Commission, No. 4

School Boards

Ann Heitkemper

As your school board director, I will

Special Elections

Manka Dhingra

State Senate, 45th LD

A Senior Deputy Prosecuting Attorney with the King County Prosecuting Attorney's Office, award winning PTSA mom, anti- domestic violence advocate and community leader, Manka Dhingra is running for State Senate to address critical needs in education funding, mental health, violence prevention, and to protect the rights of women.


Bob Hasegawa

Endorsed for State Representative, 11th District

Now is the time for us to recapture our democracy from a system that only works for those with money. As a sitting Senator, currently in Legislative Session, I’m barred from raising campaign funds. This challenge is really an opportunity to show that the people, united, can defeat money in politics.

With your help, we will prove the power of the people can defeat the power of money in our money driven political system. Our democracy requires your willingness to fight for it. I’m asking for your help and support.  But, we can only do this if we all stand together.