Manka Dhingra Vetting Form

Your Name: Manka Dhingra
Position: State
Name of Office: State Senate
Congressional District: N/A
Legislative District: 45th LD
Status: New Candidate
Date of Election (mm/dd/yy): 11/07/17
Candidate Website:

Candidate Facebook: electmanka
Candidate Twitter: electmanka
Candidate Email:

Do You: Believe in the need for Campaign Finance Reform/not support Super PACs/Citizen’s United?: Yes
Why or Why Not? Please Elaborate.: Democracy needs to be about representing people not corporations. We cannot have corporations drowning out the voices and concerns of the people.

Do You: Believe in Medicare/Medicaid/single-payer for all?: Yes
Why or Why Not? Please Elaborate.: Health care is a basic right and should be provided to all. Early intervention and prevention is part of best practices and is fiscally responsible as well.

Do You: Believe in LGBTQ marriage equality/equal rights?: Yes
Why or Why Not? Please Elaborate: Absolutely, without a doubt.

Do You: Believe in tax-paid public accredited college access for all who are accepted and free tuition at all public colleges?: Yes
Why or Why Not? Please Elaborate.: A fully funded public education system is the foundation of our democracy and what provides each individual the greatest opportunity to succeed. The more accessible we can make higher education the better for our country.

Do You: Support college loan repayment relief and college loan monthly payments no more than 10% of net income?: Yes
Why or Why Not? Please Elaborate.: Excessive student debt has dire secondary consequences to our economy and must be addressed. I will have to further study the 10% versus another percentage for repayment relief.

Do You: Believe in closing corporate tax loopholes?: Yes
Why or Why Not? Please Elaborate.: This is an important part of my platform. It is crucial for our state to prioritize investment in families, small businesses and children over large corporations.

Do You: Believe in a $15 Minimum Wage (graduated in, over 4 years, at a maximum)?: Yes
Why or Why Not? Please Elaborate.: Affordability is a huge issue in the 45th district and people must be paid a living wage.

Do You: Prioritize repairing infrastructure?: Yes
Why or Why Not? Please Elaborate.: Absolutely. We have to have safe roads, bridges and public transportation system.

Do You: Believe in Police/Prison Reform (end private prisons, drug treatment vs. prison, possible Body Cams, demilitarize/retrain police, etc.)?: Yes
Why or Why Not? Please Elaborate.: I have spent over a decade working on criminal justice reform and this is a issue I will continue to provide leadership on. I am chair of the Therapeutic Alternative Unit at the King County Prosecuting Attorney\’s Office where I oversee the Regional Mental Health Court, Veterans Court and the diversion program. I am also an instructor at the Criminal Justice Training Commission for the 40 hour Crisis Intervention Training.

Do You: Believe in finding a way to reduce the power of the military industrial complex and constant state of conflict/war?: Yes
Why or Why Not? Please be specific.: The United States needs to find alternatives to the use of force to solve our problems both on a global and local level.

Do You: Support common sense gun control/improved background checks (ban on assault weapons, like Bernie)?: Yes
Why or Why Not? Please be specific.: Given my work in the Domestic Violence field as well as my background in mental health and criminal justice, I am very interested in closing the many loop holes we have in regards to access to firearms. We have to ensure that we are addressing the numerous gun related accidental deaths that occur every day in our country.

Do You: Support a woman’s right to choose and will try to prevent local legislation that inhibits access to care at Planned Parenthood or any other clinic providing women’s care in this area?: Yes
Why or Why Not? Please Elaborate.: I am personally offended that as a society we still have to discuss this issue in 2017. No one has a right to interfere with any decision a woman makes in regards to her medical care.

Do You: Believe in climate change and working towards renewable energy sources?: Yes
Why or Why Not? Please Elaborate.: Absolutely. Climate change is one of the greatest threats facing our planet. The state of Washington can be a leader in developing green energy and clean technology and our elected officials have to create an environment where that is nurtured.

Do You: Believe in separation of church and state?: Yes
Why or Why Not? Please Elaborate.: History has shown us that in order for a true democracy to thrive there has to be absolute separation of church and state.

Do You: Believe in a path to citizenship?: Yes
Why or Why Not? Please Elaborate.: Diversity in all aspects of life makes us stronger and people who are working and living in this country need a path to citizenship so that they can participate in our democracy.

Did you support Bernie in the 2016 Primary?: No

Do you support and believe in whistleblowers like Eric Snowden and Julian Assange?: Yes
If Not, Why?: Yes whistleblowers are crucial to providing accountability and transparency however, in regards to these specific individuals I have concerns about their motivation and unrelated personal background.

Do you respect 3rd parties as an alternative to get corporate ownership out of politics? Or should you “vote blue no matter who?”: I would love to see more political party options than the ones we currently have. It is crucial to vote for people and the values that they hold over party affiliation.